750ml / 24oz Plastic Bottles

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750ml / 24oz Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles, glass bottles, jars and cans are a typical form of packaging, holding everything from sauces to fine wine. It doesn’t influence the flavor of the contents, and unless it is cracked, it doesn’t let smells or liquids out. However, 750ml / 24oz Plastic Bottles have their downside, which may make them inappropriate for your business. We provide extensive range of high quality spout pouches, which are more durable and tear resistant than the traditional bottles, cans or any other containers.

What are the reasons that will surely make you to swap your plastic bottles with our spout pouches?

  • During the transportation, the 750ml / 24oz Plastic Bottles may break while the spout pouches are extremely durable and tear resistant in nature so there no chance of any kind of breakage or leakage so they are more secure packaging option than the conventional bottles and cans.

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  • Our spout pouches are light in weight and acquire less space in storage compared to the plastic bottles they reduce the transportation cost as well.

  • Our pouches are customizable entirely so they minimize the extra labeling cost as well. Moreover, the cost of sealing wads is also reduced so these pouches are a cheaper option of packaging than the 750ml / 24oz Plastic Bottles.

  • Our spout pouches are completely eco-friendly because the materials utilized to manufacture our pouches are biodegradable compared with the hard plastic bottles and cans.

  • The best thing about our spouted stand up pouches is that they have a nozzle and a cap on the top that offer convenience and leakage proof feature in filling the products.

So feel free to contact us for more information and inquiries about our spout pouches; we will try our best to fulfill your packaging requirements in terms of several sizes, colours, shapes and even materials at the most affordable prices.