5LTR / 1.3gal Plastic Bottles

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5LTR / 1.3gal Plastic Bottles

Conventionally food and beverages, pharmaceutical products and several liquid products are packed and stored in plastic or glass bottles or cans. However, from the physical perspective the glass and plastic bottles are more fragile than any other type of packaging like durable spout pouches, which are more advantageous than these traditional bottles, jars or cans.

  • When you use the glass or plastic bottles, there are more risks of breakage during the storage and transportation process, while our spout pouches are highly durable and tear resistant so there is no chance of breakage or spillage in any case. So they are more secure packaging option than the 5LTR / 1.3gal Plastic Bottles.

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  • In comparison with the 5LTR / 1.3gal Plastic Bottles, our spout pouches are light in weight and require less space in storage so they lessen the transportation cost.

  • Another benefit of utilizing our spouted stand up pouches is that they are sealed with a heat sealer to the simple and don’t require a large investment, while the 5LTR / 1.3gal Plastic Bottles need special machines to seal their products, so the expense of sealing is minimized as well.

  • Compared to the glass or plastic bottles, the extra labeling cost is also reduced because we offer customized spout pouches. Moreover, the cost of sealing wads is also reduces so our pouches are less expensive than the bottles and cans.

  • Our spout pouches have nozzle and a cap on the top of the pouches, which offer easy to pour and fill application without any type of spillage and leakage so they are more convenient and secure than the conventional 5LTR / 1.3gal Plastic Bottles.

So if you have decided to start using our durable, convenient and leakage proof spout pouches, then please feel free to contact us with your requirements in terms of sizes, colours, shapes and material; we will try our best to meet your requirements.