50ml / 2oz Plastic Bottles

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50ml / 2oz Plastic Bottles

Leakage proof and tamper-evident packaging has long seen as a necessity for most food, beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic items for consumer confidence. Plastic or glass bottles are the most utilized form of liquid packaging, but due to the fragile nature of 50ml / 2oz Plastic Bottles, our durable spout pouches are more secure option of packaging variety of products.

50ml Plastic Drink Bottles

  • We offer stand up spout pouches with a straight and angular fixed spout, which is very unique option for packaging liquids and other products. The nozzle and spout fixed on the top of the pouches provide easy to pour and fill application so they provide enormous convenience and leakage proof feature.

  • Our spout pouches are manufactured by utilizing biodegradable and recyclable materials so they are an eco-friendly packaging solution than the traditional glass and plastic bottles.

  • Being fragile, 50ml / 2oz Plastic Bottles have a high breakage rate during the storage and transportation process, while our high quality spout pouches do not break because of their excellent durability and tear resistant strength.

  • We offer custom printed spout pouches, so the extra labeling cost would be reduced in comparison with the 50ml / 2oz Plastic Bottles. Moreover, the cost of sealing wads is also reduced, so these pouches are less expensive approach of packaging your products.

  • Apart from juice packaging, drinks packaging, beverages packaging, our stand up spout pouches are also useful for spices packaging, sugar packaging, salt packaging, etc.

So from above advantages, if you want to swap your 50ml / 2oz Plastic Bottles with our durable and convenient spout pouches, then feel free to contact us without any hesitation. We will try our best to meet your packaging requirements at the most affordable prices.