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500ml / 16oz Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles, glass bottles, jars and cans are the most utilized packaging options for liquid products since the mid twentieth century. Utilization of BPA free plastic bottles would be more sensible to package liquid products like purees, oils, beverages, fruit juices, sauces, etc.

Into this quick forward 21st century, there are so many industrial organizations that still like to utilize these conventional methods to package their products. But, gradually the patterns are changing and numerous manufacturers have begun to utilize spout pouches for liquid packaging. We offer durable and innovative spouted stand up pouches, which are totally secure and reliable method for packaging several liquid and other products.

Why Our Spout Pouches Are More Beneficial That The Traditional Bottles And Cans?

Bpa Free Liquid Bottles

  • Our spout pouches are an excellent way to rescue the environment and save on raw material cost because it takes lesser plastic to produce these pouches in comparison with the bottles or cans. Moreover, we manufacture our pouches with biodegradable materials as well.

  • In comparison with the 500ml / 16oz Plastic Bottles and cans, our spout pouches are more secure option of packaging because of their excellent durability and tear resistant strength, so when you utilize our spout pouches, there are no chances of any kind of breakage throughout the storage and transportation process.

  • These spout pouches provide leakage free and spillage free fill application of the products due to their easy to use caps on the top of the pouches. So they are more secure than the bottles and cans.

  • We offer custom printed spout pouches with your company logo, brand name and other important information about the products, so in comparison with the 500ml / 16oz Plastic Bottles, the extra labeling cost would be reduced so they are a cheaper option of packaging.

So because of above advantages, it would be more reasonable for you to replace your traditional plastic bottles, glass bottles or cans with our durable, innovative and leakage proof spout pouches to package your products.