2 LTR / 0.5gal Plastic Bottles

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2 LTR / 0.5gal Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles bring us everything from household cleaners, juice and beverages, wine to soft drinks and pharmaceutical products. These bottles, while convenient, do have several disadvantages when used on a wide scale. Below are several advantages that will surely make you to feel that our spout pouches are the best alternative over the traditional glass or plastic bottles.

    Plastic Beverage Bottles

  • Our spout pouches are light in weight and acquire less space in storage so they lessen the cost of transportation compared to the traditional 2 LTR / 0.5gal Plastic Bottles.

  • We manufacture our spouted stand up pouches with biodegradable materials so they are eco-friendly in nature than the glass or plastic bottles.

  • Labeling cost would be reduced because we offer customized spouted pouches with choice of design, colour, size and shape.

  • Our durable and tear resistant spout pouches do not break during the transportation process so they are more secure packaging option than the traditional 2 LTR / 0.5gal Plastic Bottles.

  • Due to their nozzle and a cap on the top of the spout pouches, they are convenient and they provide leakage proof and easy to pour and fill application of the products.

Therefore, we recommend you to replace your 2 LTR / .5gal Plastic Bottles with our convenient, durable and leakage proof spout pouches. Contact us without any hesitation and we will try our best to fulfill your packaging requirements in terms of several sizes, colours and shapes at the most affordable prices.