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250ml / 8oz Plastic Bottles

Conventionally Liquid products like bear, chemicals, oil and syrup, fruit juices and pharmaceutical products are packaged in glass or plastic bottles and cans. But gradually the patterns are changing and numerous companies have begun to utilize convenient and leakage proof spout pouches to store and package their products because the traditional 250ml / 8oz Plastic Bottles are exceptionally fragile in nature.

Let’s See Why Our Spout Pouches Are More Advantageous Than The Rigid Plastic Wine Bottles?

Food Grade Plastic Bottles

  • Our qualitative range of spout pouches are highly durable and tear resistant in nature so there is no chance of any kind of breakage during storage and transportation is minimized compared to the traditional 250ml / 8oz Plastic Bottles or cans.

  • We offer our convenient spout pouches with a nozzle and a cap that provide easy to pour and fill application without any messiness and leakage.

  • We offer custom printed spout pouches so the expense of labeling is reduced in comparison with the 250ml / 8oz Plastic Bottles. Even the transportation cost is also lessened as our pouches are light in weight and obtain less space than the bottles. Other than this, the expense of sealing wads is additionally reduced so our pouches are a cheaper alternative than the glass or plastic bottles or cans.

So due to above advantages, it would be more reasonable for you to swap your glass or plastic bottles with our flexible, durable and leakage proof spout pouches.