250ml / 8oz Plastic Bottles

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250ml / 8oz Plastic Bottles

Plastic or glass bottles and cans are the conventional materials that have been constantly utilized from earlier time until now. However, these glass and plastic bottles are more fragile than some other sort of flexible packaging like spout pouches, which are more durable and tear resistant in nature. We provide a qualitative range of spout pouches in several sizes, colours, shapes and even material as accordance with the requirements of our clients.

  • Our spout pouches are extremely durable and tear resistant in nature so there is no risk of any kind of breakage or leakage during the transportation process, whereas the 250ml / 8oz Plastic Bottles may break so our pouches would be a more secure and reliable packaging solution.

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  • Compared to the glass or plastic bottles, the extra labeling cost would be reduced because we offer our spout pouches in custom printed selection that are customized with quality coating: choice of design, colour, size, shape and resistance.

  • These spouted pouches are light in weight and acquire less space in storage compared to the rigid 250ml / 8oz Plastic Bottles so these pouches lessen the transportation cost as well.

  • Due to the nozzle and a cap on the top of the spout pouches, they provide easy to pour and fill application and mess free and leakage proof feature so these pouches are consumer friendly than the traditional plastic bottles.

  • Our spout pouches are completely recyclable and eco-friendly packaging solution because the materials that are utilized in the production process of these pouches are biodegradable.

So if you have decided to replace your traditional glass and plastic bottles with our durable and innovative spout pouches, then feel free to contact us for more information or inquiries; we will try our best to meet your packaging requirements at the most affordable prices.