1 LTR / 32oz Plastic Bottles

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1 LTR / 32oz Plastic Bottles

Glass and plastic bottles are the usual containers for large portions of regular items, ranging from food and beverages to cleaning products and pharmaceutical products. Though they are the most preferable form of packaging, they have some downside in relation with their fragility, convenience in usage and breakage and leakage proof feature. So we have been providing durable and easy to use spout pouches, which are more advantageous and reliable than these traditional bottles or cans.

Plastic Spice Bottles

  • We manufacture our spout pouches with high quality materials so they ensure optimal preservation of the products. Like 1 LTR / 32oz Plastic Bottles, these spouted stand up pouches have a bottom gusset that allows them to stand stable, providing better exposure on the supermarket shelves.

  • Due to their excellent durability and tear resistant strength, our spout pouches do not break throughout the storage and transportation process so they are more secure option than the 1 LTR / 32oz Plastic Bottles.

  • Compared to the glass or plastic bottles, our pouches reduce the cost of storage and transportation due to their size and light weight. Moreover, the materials utilized to manufacture our pouches are biodegradable, compared with the hard glass or plastic bottles; reducing transportation cost also means something for the planet less pollution. So they are an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

  • Our stand up spout pouches are consumer convenient due to the nozzle and a cap on the top of the pouches, which provide easy and leakage proof fill application of the products.

  • Compare to the 1 LTR / 32oz Plastic Bottles, the extra labeling cost would be minimized because we offer customized spout pouches with choice of design, colour, size, shape and resistance.

So if you want to swap your 1 LTR / 32oz Plastic Bottles with our durable, convenient and leakage proof spout pouches, then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and inquiries; we will try our best to meet your packaging requirements at the most affordable prices within the market.