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100ml / 4oz Plastic Bottles

Liquid products are generally contained into glass or plastic bottles and cans. These traditional containers are utilized to pack several liquid and other food and non-food products. But these bottles and cans are fragile in nature than the excellent quality spout pouches, which are more durable and leakage proof in nature. We offer wide variety of spout pouches, which are more beneficial than these conventional bottles and cans.

100ml Ketchup Bottles

  • There are more chances of 100ml / 4oz Plastic Bottles to break or harm throughout the storage and transportation process, however as far as our spout pouches concerned, there is no risk of any sort of breakage due to their excellent durability and tear resistant strength.

  • We offer custom printed stand up spout pouches as per your desired information imprinted on them which include company logo and brand name along with nutritional and other useful information, so compared to the bottles and cans the extra labeling cost would be reduced by using these customized pouches.

  • Our spout pouches lessen the transportation cost because they are light in weight and acquire less space in storage in comparison with the 100ml / 4oz Plastic Bottles and cans.

  • The best thing about our spout pouches is their nozzle and cap, which allow users to pour the products very easily without any fear of spillage and leakage. So they are more convenient in use than the traditional bottles and cans.

So feel free to contact us for more information and inquiries about any alternative product to 100ml / 4oz Plastic Bottles; we will try our best to meet your packaging requirement in terms of several sizes, shapes and colours at the most affordable prices within the market.